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         of the great  Italians  Turners ...
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           The BSA Italia by Gianni Brunelli offers as Agency of Industrial Representations of Italian Companies for lathe machining . 
    We work whit more Turners to guarantee the customer a complete and satisfactory for all works  and materials required  
    We can work bars from 0,5 to 72 mm with brass , aluminium , bronze, iron AVP and stainless steel AISI 303 and 304  for large or small batch . 
    Our Companies include Single-Spindle  lathes and Multi -Spindle  lathes at cam and CNC . 
    We also work with companies that produce brass balls with diameters from 13  to 152,5  mm , Chrome finis  
       We operate in Italy, Germany, Spain,Portugal , Greece, Luxembourg,Slovenia ,Croatia ,Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic , Slovakia, Bulgaria , Romania, Ukraine Russia , Belarus , Lietuva , Eesti and  Turkey. 
  The BSA will follow  in the purchase of pieces in subcontracting trying to optimize the ratio  quality-cost-service, year after year in the sign of  reassuring  continuity. 
       Only in this view, not from the perspective of mere profit, we selected the best  companies and pleased to offer them to you.