machining with multi-spindle lathes 
As evidence of the quality and attention to production processes, our companies are all certified.  
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) 
Over the years,the  companies have continuously invested in improvement projects, focusing first on technology and machinery and then on human resources.  
quality checks: 
- In-line statistical checks 
which guarantee a final result of AQL=1, in accordance with the UNI ISO 2859/1 standard, with the possibility of reaching up to AQL=0.65 upon customers’ requirements. 
- Statistical checks using Q-DAS software integrated with a latest-generation ERP management system. 
- 100% checks on the request of the customer which guarantee a result of 50 ppm. 
   The main sectors can be identified     among: 
- Hot water and heating 
- Bathroom fittings  
- Pneumatics 
- Automotive 
- Valves 
- Domestic appliances 
- Renewable Energy
 With our company we are today a leaders company in Italy for       the production of turned brass parts with hghly qualified staff       and solid skills in the sector . 
We are distinguished by  flexibility and speed 
of production . 
Certification, feasibility studies, process control, traceability of materials and continuousresearches into improvement are the guarantee of the work of our companies . 
All Brescian companies  the strategic hub of Italian turneries, 
we are known in the Italian and foreign market . 
We export more than 60% of our production  
We produce more than 
400 million pieces per year 
with 90 multi-spindle lathes 
and 12  CNC machines 
 Our activities: 
Outsourced services: 
Protective treatments 
(nickel plating, chrome plating, 
galvanizing, anodizing and other 
treatments on request) 
Heat treatments 
(annealing, stress relieving, pickling 
and passivation) 
Surface treatments 
(brushing, lapping and mirrorpolishing)