BSA  -   Mechanical production Representation  
Via Liberazione  43B ,  25029  Verolavecchia  (Brescia )  ITALY 
     Fax +39 030  51 23 277 
Other  Productions
Brass details hot forged and machined 
 We have a wide range of presses, we can print details of each size and weight of a minimum of 15 grams to a maximum of 1,500 gramsWe perform machining with transfer machines in operating heads vertical and horizontal with adjustable heads for machining off-axis or control machines CN
    We are certified  ISO  9001 - 2008
       O-Rings / Gaskets 
     For many years we supply companies  
    in various industrial sectors. 
    This allowed us to know and deepen 
    the problems related to the use of 
    O-Rings and gaskets in various 
    industrial processes.  
   PTFE Gaskets 
    High productivity of  PTFE gaskets for        valves and cocks and technical products  
   Quality control is guaranteed by tools of   last generation. 
 Production Gaskets from 1/8"  to  4"
 Filters in AISI 304 stainless steel 
 A long experience in the production of 
 filters in AISI 304 stainless steel 
 stretched net-filter  
 Filter with steel cap and nylon  coupling 
 Filters for inclined valves    
 Filter High filtering power for GAS or 
    Braze welding  ... 
    Brazed-welding  Fittings   
   curved details  .... 
The   BSA Italian Industrial Representations 
  Represents and also cooperates with companies 
  specialized  in the production of  : 
  - Brass details  hot forged and machined 
  - O-Rings 
  - PTFE Gaskets  
  - Filters in AISI 304 stainless steel stretched net  
  - Braze welding  ... 
   Offers to customers 
a range of synergic companies 
carefully selected , 
minimizing the complexity of 
   design of the production and delivery ,  
   while maintaining the best quality . 
Our Companies are open for your visit  .... 
   You are welcome .