machining with multi-spindle lathes 
As confirmation of its attention to quality and to the thoroughness of its processes, 
the company is certified 
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) 
In ten years the company has  continuously invested in improvement projects focusing at first on technology and machinery - in fact the company can now count on a vast, cutting-edge machinery fleet — while at present concentrating its resources on structures and services 
devoted to customer satisfaction. 
Particular attention is paid to 
quality checks
- In-line statistical checks 
which guarantee a final result of AQL=1, in accordance with the UNI ISO 2859/1 standard, with the possibility of reaching up to AQL=0.65 upon customers’ requirements. 
- Statistical checks using Q-DAS software integrated with a latest-generation ERP management system. 
- 100% checks on the request of the customer which guarantee a result of 50 ppm. 
   The main sectors can be identified     among: 
- Hot water and heating 
- Bathroom fittings  
- Pneumatics 
- Automotive 
- Valves 
- Domestic appliances 
- Renewable Energy
 A&B  is today a leading company in Italy for the 
production of turned brass items. 
The company was founded in 1997 by a highly qualified 
team and sound proficiencies in the sector. A&B quickly 
came to prominence thanks to flexibility and quickness 
of production, that, combined with the advanced 
technology of the machinery fleet and quality control 
procedures, has enabled A&B to establish itself as a 
leader in the sector.  
Certification, feasibility studies, 
process control, traceability of materials and continuous 
researches into improvement guarantee how A&B 
With premises located on an area of 7,000 square 
metre in Brescia, the strategic hub of Italian turneries, 
A&B has become as well known in the overseas market as 
it has in Italy, exporting more than 70% of its production. 
The diversification of brass suppliers, which include 
certified Italian and overseas companies, ensure that the 
best alloys are continuously introduced in the market, 
while the introduction of steel, iron, aluminium and 
other types of alloys or materials suitable for automatic 
machines is evidence of the company’s development 
We produce more than 
300 million pieces per year 
with 71 multi-spindle lathes 
and 6  CNC machines 
 Our activities: 
Outsourced services: 
Protective treatments 
(nickel plating, chrome plating, 
galvanizing, anodizing and other 
treatments on request) 
Heat treatments 
(annealing, stress relieving, pickling 
and passivation) 
Surface treatments 
(brushing, lapping and mirrorpolishing)